AI Tool Type: Self-Improvement

  • MindForest

    MindForest is a pocket coach for mental wellness, crafted by innovators from Hong Kong to revolutionise personal growth and mental…
  • TalentAgent

    TalentAgent is your all-in-one solution for career success in the tech consulting industry. With its AI-driven platform, TalentAgent offers personalized…
  • Self-Improvement



    MathGPTPro: AI-Driven Learning Platform MathGPTPro, an AI learning platform, delivers personalized, interactive experiences for students and teachers. Featuring on-demand tutoring,…
  • Self-Improvement


    Anura Health App

    Anura: A revolutionary health and wellness app leveraging your mobile camera for 30-second video selfies to measure vitals—including heart rate,…
  • Self-Improvement



    Vocalo: An AI tool designed for English speaking practice. Facilitates conversation with AI to simulate natural dialogues across various scenarios…

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