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Photo AI
Photo AI


Photo AI is a groundbreaking synthetic photography app that allows users to train AI-based photo models and generate realistic, yet artificial, images. Recent updates include making the platform free for experimentation and implementing a robust NSFW filter.

Photo AI enables users to train a model of themselves or others, producing various settings, outfits, and poses. The Pro plan offers 1,000 photos per month, equivalent to 10 standard photo shoots, providing significant savings compared to hiring a professional photographer. This innovative app is perfect for influencers seeking attractive images for their social media profiles.

photography,modelling,photo shoot

Updated: March 19, 2023
Mini Course Generator

Education Assistant

Mini Course Generator allows users to create short, customized online courses using their unique content generation AI. The platform simplifies course creation by automatically generating lessons and quizzes tailored to specific niches. Users benefit from an efficient way to develop educational content without extensive manual effort.

SEO Keywords: content generation AI, online course creation, customized lessons

#content generation #course creation #customized

Updated: March 18, 2023
Roam Around
roam around


Roam Around is an innovative AI-powered platform for travelers, offering personalized trip planning and itinerary suggestions. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, the site curates tailored experiences based on user preferences, budget, and travel style. Additionally, provides real-time updates on local events, attractions, and accommodations, ensuring a seamless and memorable journey for every adventurer.


Updated: March 15, 2023
Prompt Plays

Prompt Guides

At, you can unlock the superpower of automation with AI-powered Apple Shortcuts! With Prompt Plays Marketplace, you have the power to transform your workflow like never before.

Collaborate and create with others, share your unique solutions, and experience the thrill of new capabilities at your fingertips. Get in on the action – it’s time to take control and explore what we offer.

website builder, AI powered

Updated: March 12, 2023
Second Home
Second Dev

Productivity is an AI-Powered Developer Platform for Startups Boost Your Web App Development with B2B SaaS Features is an innovative developer platform designed for startups, leveraging AI-powered bots to create code and submit pull requests for essential B2B SaaS web application functionalities. Our developer bots can generate new web apps or enhance existing ones with full-stack features, empowering founders to accelerate web application development, amplify engineers productivity on product teams, and enable agencies to significantly boost their revenue. Additionally, offers expert tech stack recommendations and facilitates automatic upgrades through pull requests, optimizing your web app‘s performance.

website builder, AI powered

Updated: March 21, 2023


Landbot AI is a conversational platform for businesses to automate their customer and employee chatbot experiences. It has an intuitive interface with features like NLP, AI, and analytics that make it simple to create, deploy, and manage conversations. Companies can save time and money with Landbot AI by automating customer service operations and providing a more personal and efficient experience. With this platform, customers can get the best customer service experience that is tailored to their needs.

website builder, AI powered

Updated: March 12, 2023
InterviewGPT and CareerGPT

Productivity and are two websites that provide services related to job interviews and career guidance, respectively. uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate simulated job interviews, allowing users to practice their interview skills and receive feedback. The website offers a range of interview scenarios, including technical, behavioral, and case-based interviews, and provides users with detailed feedback on their performance. Users can also customize their interview scenarios based on their industry and job role. On the other hand, offers career guidance services using AI-powered tools. The website provides users with personalized career recommendations based on their skills, experience, and interests. Users can also access a range of resources, such as resume builders, job search tools, and career advice articles, to help them achieve their career goals. Both and are user-friendly platforms that leverage AI technology to provide valuable services to job seekers and professionals.

website builder, AI powered

Updated: March 13, 2023

Music is a website that offers a range of audio editing tools and services to its users. It specializes in using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance and manipulate audio files, making it a unique platform for audio enthusiasts, content creators, and professionals. Users can upload their audio files to the platform and use the various tools available to edit, trim, equalize, denoise, and optimize the audio. also offers a voice-over service, allowing users to generate professional voice-overs for their videos or other content. The website has a user-friendly interface and provides users with a quick and efficient way to enhance their audio quality without the need for extensive audio editing experience.

website builder, AI powered

Updated: March 13, 2023
Make A Video by Meta
Make A Video

Video Generator

Make A Video is a cutting-edge AI system that allows users to create videos from text. Leveraging the latest advances in text-to-image generation technology, Make-A-Video can take images with descriptions and unlabeled videos as input, allowing users to bring their ideas to life through unique, captivating videos. With a few simple words or lines of text, users can experience unparalleled creativity by generating one-of-a-kind videos with this revolutionary tool.

#video creation #meta #facebook

Updated: March 9, 2023
Prompt Perfect
Prompt Perfect


Prompt Perfect is an innovative AI-powered writing tool that offers users the ability to generate high-quality content quickly and effortlessly. With Prompt Perfect, you can produce anything from a compelling article, engaging blog post, or even an academic paper with ease.

The tool uses state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze your writing prompt or topic, and then generates a comprehensive outline and structure for your content. This means you no longer need to waste time thinking about how to organize your thoughts or what to include in your writing.

Prompt Perfect also offers a range of advanced features to help you write more effectively. The tool provides real-time feedback on your writing, offering suggestions on grammar, vocabulary, tone, and style. It can even provide synonyms and alternatives for words and phrases, ensuring your content is original and engaging.

Furthermore, Prompt Perfect has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for writers of all skill levels. The platform is highly customizable, allowing you to adjust the tool’s settings to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you’re a content creator, blogger, journalist, or student, Prompt Perfect can help you save time and produce high-quality content that engages and resonates with your readers. Give it a try and experience the power of AI-powered writing for yourself!

#AI writing tool #Content generation #Writing assistant

Updated: March 8, 2023


PlayPhrase is a fun and interactive AI tool that allows users to search for famous movie and TV show phrases and play them back instantly. The tool uses machine learning to transcribe and categorize millions of clips from popular media. Users can also create and share their own playlists of favorite phrases.

Keywords: #AI tool #movie quotes #TV show phrases.

Updated: March 2, 2023
Tone Transfer
Tone Transfer by Google


Tone Transfer by Google Research allows you to transform the emotional tone of any song. With this AI tool, you can make a happy song sound sad or turn a sad song into an upbeat one. This innovative service is perfect for music enthusiasts, content creators, and anyone looking to create unique and personalized music.

#Music AI #Audio Processing #Sound Synthesis

#Music AI #Audio Processing #Sound Synthesis

Updated: February 28, 2023
: Copywriting


Anyword’s AI writing assistant provides a reliable solution for generating high-quality copy. Utilizing advanced algorithms, this AI-powered tool takes the guesswork out of copywriting and helps convert your marketing messages into effective campaigns. With Anyword, users can trust that their copy is crafted to meet their specific needs and deliver measurable results.

Updated: February 28, 2023

Search Engine, the ultimate personalized search engine that uses AI to understand your interests and preferences. Our advanced algorithms analyze your behavior and provide tailored search results, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for faster and more efficiently. With, you can take control of your online experience and discover new content that is relevant to you.

#PersonalizedSearch #AIAlgorithm #TailoredResults

Updated: February 27, 2023
Coin Identifier Coin Snap
: Education Assistant

Education Assistant

Coin Snap is a cutting-edge mobile application that harnesses the power of AI-driven image recognition technology to quickly and accurately identify any coin with ease. With its advanced features, Coin Snap can easily recognize even the most intricate coin designs, making it an essential tool for coin collectors and enthusiasts alike. Experience seamless coin identification in the palm of your hand with Coin Snap.

Coin Identifier, AI-driven image recognition technology, mobile application.

Updated: February 27, 2023
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