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Agility Writer AI Review

Agility Writer AI Review


May 2023

Introduction To AgilityWriter

Agility Writer is a VERY powerful AI-powered content creation tool that can help speed up your blog writing. has many strengths we can talk about but our favorite of all – is their attention to detail and FACTUAL content! This, along with the fact that their software uses powerful algorithms and natural language processing to craft unique SEO-rich articles faster than ever, makes this app a real nice experience when needing content that makes sense, and content that needs minimal fact checking.

With its customizable templates and workflows, collaboration tools, and SEO optimization capabilities, provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking high-quality content in short time frames.

Key Takeaways

  • is an AI-powered content creation tool that helps create SEO-rich articles quickly with customizable templates and workflows, collaboration tools, SEO optimization capabilities, natural language processing (NLP), and speech recognition.
  • It provides time-saving features such as automated keyword scanning for quick research; grammar & punctuation corrections to improve accuracy in written documents; multi-language translation options for global reach; collaborations tools facilitating team communication/interaction & document management
  • -Its Read to Rank technology allows it to identify relevant keyphrases and entities while its plagiarism detector ensures original content across multiple projects.
  • is user-friendly, affordable, and accurate but has some limitations, including limited integrations, no mobile app support or the ability to produce long-form content via their AI system

Features And Benefits Of AgilityWriter is a great tool for content creation, offering AI-powered writing, customizable templates and workflows, collaboration tools, and SEO optimization.

AI-powered Content Creation

AI-powered content creation is revolutionizing the process of producing digital content. This technology allows writers to automate much of their workflow by helping to generate ideas, find statistical data and research material more quickly, and create articles with little effort in a fraction of the time it previously took them to complete an article from scratch.

Technology can mimic human writing styles and workflows, finding patterns that provide insights into customer behaviours so marketers can better understand them and tailor materials accordingly.

AI technology such as AgilityWriter helps businesses save time on research with its automated scan for keywords, entities, and images – all critical components for high-ranking posts – & provides feedback along with word/phrase suggestions within text documents.

AI technology like this also offers writers editorial assistance through grammar and punctuation corrections; speech recognition, multi-language translation; paragraph reordering; improving topic selection or refining existing discussion while considering natural language processing abilities.

Customizable Templates And Workflows

With Agility, content creators can easily and quickly produce high-quality, accurate output. The customizable templates and workflows provide an efficient way for users to tailor their writing needs according to their specific requirements.

Users are able to save up time by quickly customizing the template according to their task at hand— whether it is creating a press release, writing a story based on research findings, or covering breaking news— without having to redo all the steps each time they start a new project.

Furthermore, they can reap maximum benefits from advanced AI capabilities such as natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition, which help them improve accuracy in written documents.

Collaboration Tools features an array of collaboration tools that are essential for content creation teams to increase productivity and create high-quality outputs. The software includes convenient chat windows where users can quickly communicate with others on their team, access project information, share files and resources, and exchange ideas in real time.

For larger projects involving several writers or creative professionals working together at once, has a full suite of collaborative editing capabilities which allow users to track changes made by different people in a single workspace.

Additionally, the software features integrations with Google Drive so teams can easily store and manage relevant documents used across multiple projects securely in one place.

SEO Optimization

Agility Writer helps to take the guesswork out of SEO with its powerful AI-powered tool, making it easier for businesses to optimize their content for search engine visibility and organic traffic.

By leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Read-to-Rank technologies, recommends relevant keywords and terms in order to accurately target readers who are searching for your business or products online.

The AI also generates entities—a set of related topics, phrases, and ideas that help enhance articles’ readability while effectively communicating the main message of the blog post itself.

Furthermore, agility writer enables users to track different metrics such as word count optimization and grammar score analysis as well as relate domain authority when selecting optimal keyphrases; all this without compromising on quality or accuracy since research suggests that using machine learning & algorithms can yield superior results than manual keyword stuffing techniques adopted by copywriters in the past.

Pros And Cons Of AgilityWriter

Despite being relatively new on the market, has already received positive reviews for its user-friendly interface, time and money-saving features, and ability to create SEO-rich content quickly.

Pros: Time-saving, High-quality Output, User-friendly, And Affordable is an AI-powered writing platform that offers various features and benefits to help save time, improve the accuracy and quality of content, optimize for SEO, and enable collaboration and customization. The software is powered by Google NLP (Natural Language Processing), Multi-Language Writing, Speech Recognition capabilities, as well as Editorial Suggestions to help users write better by considering syntax and necessary fact-checking. It also provides customizable templates and workflows, which help streamline the process of creating blog posts or other long-form content quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, automatically checks for plagiarism, thus ensuring that the content is original. Moreover, speedy load time due to a lightweight interface makes it user-friendly even on slow internet speeds. Finally, the software offers great value for money with its affordability.

Cons: Limited Integrations, No Mobile App, And No Support For Long-form Content is a powerful AI-powered writing platform that offers great features and user-friendly workflows for content creation. However, there are several limitations and drawbacks associated with the service. Limited integrations mean users are unable to access other services or applications from within Agility Writer in order to streamline their workflow or enhance their output. Additionally, it does not offer a mobile app and has no support for long-form content via its AI system — an issue which can be quite difficult to manage when producing comprehensive pieces of content such as blog posts or white papers. These cons may present considerable inconveniences during the editing process, especially in cases where outside sources need to be consulted quickly on the fly in order to add context or extra information to a piece of content being created using AgilityWriters’ systems.

Agility Writer AI Vs

Let’s compare Agility Writer AI to other writing tools and discover which one best suits your needs.

Comparison Of Price And Features

Comparing Agility Writer AI with other writing tools will help you understand its value in terms of price and features. Below is a table highlighting the key differences between Agility Writer AI and other popular writing tools.

Writing ToolPriceFeatures
Agility Writer AI$25/mo and upSEO optimization / Factual accuracy / Plagiarism detection / Accessible from anywhere
Grammarly$15/mo and upGrammar and spelling check / Tone detection / Plagiarism detection (Premium plan) / Writing style suggestions
Jasper AI$49/mo and upGrammar and spelling check / Writing style suggestions / Readability analysis / Plagiarism detection / Copywriting + New Voice
SudoWriter(Variable)Grammar and spelling check / Writing style suggestions / Tone detection / Team Seats

As seen in the table above, each writing tool offers its unique set of features, and selecting the right tool will depend on your specific needs and budget. Agility Writer AI stands out with its focus on SEO optimization and factual accuracy, making it a suitable choice for content creators and marketers.

Conclusion And Final Verdict On Agility Writer

Agility Writer is an innovative AI-powered writing platform that offers a host of features and benefits for content marketing professionals. It has all the tools needed to generate high-quality, SEO-rich blog posts quickly and cost-effectively, eliminating the need for tedious manual labour.

AgilityWriter allows users to create more contextualized content by leveraging natural language processing technology, helping them get ahead in the competitive world of content marketing.

The tool also supports multiple languages, allowing writers from around the globe to up their game with accurate global translations. Users have praised AgilityWriter’s accuracy and ease of use, along with its affordability compared to other similar tools on the market.



Kyle has over 23 years of Consulting in the field of Affiliate Marketing and Web development. Having created his first Ecommerce site in 1998. Optimizing for Altavista and Lycos was just a fluke, but proved to turn into a journey spanning nearly 1/4 of a century!

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