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Hey Welcome To NoteableAI. I'm Kyle, and I've been building sites, using 'Primitive' web tools and buying ads for over 24 years now!

Thanks for dropping by, and checking in on the “About Us Page!”

It’s pretty amazing that I get to now work with people who were not even born, when I created my first website! In fact, in early 2000 I had my first Ecommerce site live (an ex girlfriend) and it was a ‘hemp’ and accessories site.

Fast forward ahead to 2009, when i met a group who began creating web traffic via browser add ons + Opt ins (details on their exact strategies im not sure) but i DO know that in 2010, I began buying a lot of very targeted traffic for Affiliate networks that I was part of. I then created a bot for auto bidding, and the transition to automation began, and has since escalated (more recently…. at an alarming rate!) This, I fine includes most areas of web development, Apps, tools, Media buying… Just everything “internet” that I have dabbled in over the 2 decades strong 😉

I look forward to keeping NoteableAI Live with regular updates, and soon some offerings in the way of “how to’s” / videos etc.. I DO have a wealth of experience to share and A ton of inspiring stories with many online friends that I’ve worked with for 20 Years + now (1999 until now!)

Please share our site, and drop back by. If you want to add a listing, I will be adding the submit form very soon! *Before end of week, April 9th or 10th)

What inspired me to start NoteableAI just this year?

The sheer number of websites now offering free AI tools to simplify daily processes has been steadily increasing over the past few years.

These websites offer powerful tools that can automate mundane tasks and help businesses make moves exponentially faster, at a fraction of the cost .
Some of these specialized ai tools help with specific tasks such as data analysis, natural language processing, and image recognition. Others offer more general tools that can be used to automate a variety of tasks.

Some of these websites also offer consulting services to help businesses get the most out of their AI tools. With the increasing availability of AI tools, businesses of all sizes are now able to take advantage of the technology to improve their operations.

Early indicators are that AI and AI powered tools are here to stay, so NoteableAi is here to provide you with a very large, updated and curated categorical AI Tools resource (website)

If you have a site that offers a tool or service in the Ai field, feel free to create an account and add it to our site! If you are the owner of a site or tool we have listed, you can create an account, confirm your ownership and update, edit or change whatever you like from the dashboard!

Thank you!


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